Utilizing the beauty of nature to make hand pressed relief prints from salvaged trees.    

Building custom furniture for the past 10 years, I developed a love for trees and all the marvelous varieties of wood they produce. This inspired me to start making relief prints from salvaged wood. There is nothing better than exploring in nature to find the perfect piece that will become a work of art. 

My process includes surfacing and burning the wood to prepare it for printing. Fire reduces the soft rings, leaving a printable surface that reflects the life of the tree. Ink is rolled on the surface and the paper is hand pressed onto the grain. The paper is removed to reveal a unique image of the growth rings.

Each print is handmade in Charleston, SC.

Custom orders are available upon request. Each print can be personalized with a special date or occasion. 

If you would like a print made from your tree, contact me at: timberwoodprints@gmail.com

Linne Hutto