Pine Cone Flour Sack Towel, 100% sustainable cotton, 27"x27" Screen Printed

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This flour sack towel is screen printed by hand using traditional methods. The print is named Pine Cone because the ice cream cone was printed from antique Heart Pine lumber and the scoops from Southern Yellow Pine. This print is available on paper and framed in my shop, only a limited number were made.

100% Natural Responsibly-farmed Sustainable Cotton Flour Sack Towel. Can be washed hundreds of times and still remain soft, extremely absorbent, and lint-free. Features a hook on one corner.

color: biscuit

All of the screen prints that I produce start out as a relief print pulled directly from the wood. To make the relief print, my process includes surfacing and burning the wood to prepare it for printing. Ink is rolled onto the surface and the paper is hand pressed onto the grain. The paper is removed to reveal a unique image of the growth rings. I then use that image to make a screen print using traditional methods.